Friday, December 16, 2016

The Christmas Blog

I can see by the way Trump’s transition team is progressing that Santa is not granting me my Christmas wish, in that they are still transitioning. Doesn’t Pence have a cure for that? To think I sang a duet of “All I Want For Christmas Is Democracy” with Joe Biden for nothing.

Anyway, this is my last blog for 2016. I think most of us can agree it was one shitty year. I knew we were in trouble when the Cubs won. Bowie, Prince, Leon Russell, Garry Shandling, Alan Rickman, Glen Frey, Gene Wilder, the list goes on and on. Such great talents.

However, I won’t let that dampen my Holiday spirit. As a non-practicing atheist I can decorate our tannenbaum to my heart’s content without the guilt of not attending Midnight Mass. The cookies, the movies, presents, even the Christmas cards and wishes work on a simple humanistic level, like a Target gift card.

Speaking of cards. I have been creating my own holiday cards for over twenty years now. And every year I get a number of compliments from friends and family members. This year was an exception, in that there were none. It could mean the card was awful. Or it could mean the lady that picks up our mail is a part time art critic. But I think the real reason is it looks more like a store bought card and therefore no one realized it is one of mine. That could be a good thing. My work as a professional artist might look more…professional. I do enjoy hearing from people about my card though. Not as an ego boost, but for them to see the personal touch I put into wishing them the best for the holidays. It is a small way to reconnect with people I might have lost touch with over the year.

As I also send it to clients, current and perspective, it is a mini-promotional piece and forces me to do a bit of marketing, something I detest. How would look if, as an illustrator, I sent out someone else’s work? Next thing you know I’m tracing Rockwell’s paintings or stealing jokes. The piece is below for anyone that cares to see it.

With that, I completed my News Year’s resolution of creating one project a month for twelve months. I realize that’s not a huge sacrifice, but it did get me to work more, which is always a good thing. Looking back on my youth and all the years I enjoyed myself instead of working hard on my career my tombstone may actually read: 

I should have spent more time at the office and then I could have afforded a really good marble tombstone instead of this crappy Formica one. 

Hey, in my defense it was the 80s. Happy Holidays, and a better year ahead!