Thursday, September 22, 2016

I got nothing.

I'm spending my time trying to catch up on my monthly art projects and preparing a new syllabus. So, unfortunately, or fortunately, I once again have nothing clever written here. I was working on an essay about hate, but I didn't care too much for it.

So below are two pieces: the color version of what I was working on last month: Drawn to Art, and an alternative idea for the same project. Comments are always appreciated and quickly ignored.

Friday, September 9, 2016

Nothing to Read Here

I have been derelict in my posting this summer. But I had good reasons. One daughter got married, another is preparing for college, and life has given me a few bumps in the road. At least it did my car when driving back from a college visit trip in Santa Fe. $3,000 later it's as good as new and ready for the VW recall. Yippee.

Teaching three courses this summer and three this fall, has given me little time to golf much less draw or write. My wife is consumed with the election coming up so we have a direct feed from CNN and PBS Newshour. Please don't mention politics if you happen to meet. On top of that it was my 20th Wedding Anniversary last week and I dropped the ball on that too. (Again, another topic not to bring up.)

There are two competition deadlines looming as well. One is in a week. So here I am posting the b/w stage of the work, and I hope to have the color posted by 9/15, the due date. It is based on a Normal Rockwell Saturday Evening Post cover and inspired by a Stone Temple Pilots song.

Maybe after that I can think of something clever to write about.

Here is the finished piece in color with minor changes.