Saturday, May 14, 2016

Squirrels and Why I hate them

I have a guest writer this month who supplied me with a poem.

Squirrels and Why I hate them
by Larry O’Roarke, Irish Terrier

There is no purpose to a squirrel
No reason to exist
And if I travel ‘round the world
My opinion wouldn’t switch

They’re short and hairy with tails too long
Their chirps give me a pain
Without the trees I’d catch them all
And chew their little brains

On top the fence they act so brave
My anger will not sway
I’ll leave my mark, I’ll have my way
Along the palisade

Every day they taunt me so
At night they haunt my dreams
I twitch and whimper to and fro
I hate those little fiends

They make a mess all through the yard
Eating bulbs and tubers
When I get old, my health all marred
I’ll learn to shoot a luger

Next step in my cover. Finished pencil.

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