Monday, November 9, 2015

Hello Larry

It’s been quite some time since we have had a toddler around our house. Now regarding ours, he comes with four legs. Larry is our new Irish terrier pup and he most definitely has a bit of the Emerald Isle fighting spirit in him. And like all toddlers every room, every corner needs to be converted to a safe environment because every thing is getting chewed. I tried to convince my wife that it was too soon to get a new pup since our last dog past away. But my position of a two-year grieving process fell on deaf ears. Maybe she’ll hear this.

The Raving

With no dogs here for a while, done with picking up of piles
Although with months of arguing most of which I am losing.
Soon I found myself was driving to the airport for a pup that’s flying.
In the car I sit there crying, while he’s in the back there spewing
Spewing on my upholster floor.

Now we have an Irish Terrier. Who ever said more the merrier?
With a coat as red as rust, and a face with saliva oozing,
Ten pounds now but soon at thirty, and a beard that’s rather scruffy,
He looks more old man than puppy. Dire days have started looming.
Looming like they not before.

Once at home the car I park, he jumps out and starts to mark,
All the carpets and the flooring, wrecking havoc by his choosing
Running here and running there, my daughter doesn’t seem to care,
But all I see are home repairs, as I start my boo-hoo-hooing.
Boo-hoo-hooing and nothing more.

Leashes, collars, toys, and bones, balls and treats just litter our home.
He keeps scratching, a flea bath is ensuing.
Get advice from our friends. “Get a cage, Get a pen.”
We’re all alone in the end. Bitter apple slows the chewing.
Chewing on the wooden doors.

If all that doesn’t seem enough I’ll tell you more about our pup.
Late at night he begins to whine just when I start my snoozing
And if I may one last word, I want no dog or cat or bird.
Nothing that barks, or tweets or purrs. I want a pet of my own choosing.
Choosing none and nothing more.

My first drawings of Larry.