Friday, June 19, 2015

Saying goodbye to an old friend

We put Daisy, our border terrier, down this week. She was sixteen and a half years old, blind, deaf, with fused vertebrae, and no appetite. It was sad watching her grow weaker by the day. Without sounding maudlin, she was a great dog. Friendly, smart, gentle, funny, and always a spark in her eyes that faded these last months. Even my mother liked her, and she was no dog lover by any means. We spent the day reminiscing about all the fun we had together. Last night we fed her filet mignon and angel cake, which she seemed to like. We got her six months before Katrina was born. Weighing in at 2.5 pounds and looking like a rolled up black sock I didn’t think she would survive the trip home. Daisy was Katrina’s companion and would often sleep on her bed during thunderstorms.

The inspiration for many pictures including Sidney Needs a Shrink, Daisy was always a kind, gentle companion. The butt of many of my jokes and jabs, I will miss her.