Friday, June 19, 2015

Saying goodbye to an old friend

We put Daisy, our border terrier, down this week. She was sixteen and a half years old, blind, deaf, with fused vertebrae, and no appetite. It was sad watching her grow weaker by the day. Without sounding maudlin, she was a great dog. Friendly, smart, gentle, funny, and always a spark in her eyes that faded these last months. Even my mother liked her, and she was no dog lover by any means. We spent the day reminiscing about all the fun we had together. Last night we fed her filet mignon and angel cake, which she seemed to like. We got her six months before Katrina was born. Weighing in at 2.5 pounds and looking like a rolled up black sock I didn’t think she would survive the trip home. Daisy was Katrina’s companion and would often sleep on her bed during thunderstorms.

The inspiration for many pictures including Sidney Needs a Shrink, Daisy was always a kind, gentle companion. The butt of many of my jokes and jabs, I will miss her.

Monday, June 15, 2015

This and That

It has been a pretty uneventful spring, which I guess can be good news. Although, we do have a possible sniper on Interstate 25, more rain in the forecast (11 inches so far this year. Three times the normal), and I got rejected from yet another art show (see the losing entry below). But the college students are gone and the town empties on the weekends. Plus, we're heading for Vacation soon! In the meantime…

JK Rowling has decided to write a Hogwarts series that takes place in the United States, because that’s what she good at. Possible titles include:

Harry Potter and the Alternate Side of the Street Parking
Harry Potter at the Golden Corral Buffet
Harry Potter and the Reality Show
Harry Potter and his Prostate Exam
Harry Potter and the Retainer of Teeth
Harry Potter Gets a Soccer Trophy
Harry Potter meets the Kardashian Sisters
Harry Potter: Filibuster for Wizards
Harry Potter and the Log Cabin Republicans
Harry Potter and the Orders of Takeout
Harry Potter and the Black Friday of Sales
Harry Potter and the Clogged Arteries of Cholesterol
Harry Potter and the Wages of Minimum
Harry Potter and the Search for Affordable Healthcare

Gee, I hope she writes about Harry Potter.

Here are some movie reviews:

Jurassic World. Poor direction for this much anticipated sequel gave us disappointing performances from good actors. Fun, mindless, plot.

Far From the Madding Crowd. I wish I was far from the theater, but a mother’s day promise is not one to skip. Seems every May they come out with an 18th Century novel. How many did they write?

Avengers: Age of Ultron. See my review for Jurassic World.

Spy. My favorite so far. Very funny.

Fifty Shades of Grey. How do you make a sick bastard seem like a nice guy? You can’t. That’s why it flopped. It certainly wasn’t 50 Shades of Emotions. They should have cast the guy from those Dos Equis' ads. 

Taken 3. Nobody was taken! What should have been taken was Liam’s Humira pills. The guy could hardly trot let alone escape from a burning car.

Enjoy your summer.

My entry for the Boulder Competition that didn’t make the cut. The subject was eating in any capacity: farm, food, what it means or symbolizes, anything at all, and be creative. I’m happy with it anyway. 

Take Two at Breakfast.

Also posted is another plein air piece.