Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Music hath charms…sometimes.

There was a story that hit the local television stations last month. Apparently, a brown bear and her cub took up residence under the community hospital here in Boulder. They were discovered by a maintenance worker when he went to make some sort of repair. The hospital is located in a residential area so it was decided the two interlopers needed to be removed. But this is Boulder and the Boulder fourth commandment says "Thou shall honor the wild beast of the field".

So instead they decided the drive the bears away (and this is the truth) by playing country and western music. It did the trick. The two ran off and are now living comfortably in a quiet den. I knew that noise was good for something.

Below is my latest project, four pieces for the Wizard of Oz. This time it is set in Colorado and the characters are more pro-active. Hope you like them.