Friday, February 11, 2011

Hey everyone,

I haven't written lately because I have had a touch of bronchitis. The bad part is it touched both my lungs at the same time. I get really maudlin and rather morbid when I get sick also. But I have been able to draw and paint a little so I thought I would just post them.

As I laid in bed hacking up lung snot feeling sorry for myself I thought of my dad. Smoking two and half packs of cigarettes a day for thirty years left him with emphysema that lasted over ten years. Towards the end, his days were filled with constant coughing fits and a decreased lung capacity. How can the human body tolerate such punishment for so long? After just a week of this I was asking my wife to pull the plug on my humidifier. Why is it that it takes a sickness or injury to appreciate how fortunate being well really means?

I just hate being sick or laid up. When my time comes I would rather it was from an animal attack than a prolong and chronic ailment. Well, not any animal. Not a shark or bear because they bite pieces off while you're still alive and then come back for more. A big cat would be fine, such as a mountain lion, or leopard. They strike from behind and most cases you don't even know what hit you. Snap goes the neck and there you are, predator take out. A poison dart frog would probably work. The curare in their skin gives a hallucinogenic affect that might be sort of cool. But I don't think they attack too often. Did I mention how morbid I get when I'm sick? Why don't you just look at the pictures? Good health to everyone out there!


  1. Hope you continue to feel better and to produce more drawings and paintings as these. The watercolor on the bottom is my favorite, btw.

    Personally I picture you going as a result of an anvil falling on your head. Or maybe a wisecracking animal stuffing lit dynamite down your shorts. Those seem to be more your style.