Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I'll shut up now.

I didn’t write anything the last two weeks because of the elections. I’m struggling with the notion of whether to put anything political on this blog. However, after being inundated for the past month with ads stating everything from the ridiculous to the utterly ridiculous and pundits on “news channels” telling me how I feel, I am about ready to scream. I just want to make two brief observations then I’ll shut the hell up.

First off, to me this election wasn’t about saying no to this president or spending or healthcare. It wasn’t about the need to go back to those pretend halcyon days of President Bush. The election boils down to this. I believe the American voter was saying: “I’m pissed off at the government for wasting time, my money, and resources while I’m struggling to get by. If I have to be out of work, then guess what? I’m putting you out of work.” It’s our one chance to say FU. But saying it always comes with consequences. The government has become a dead leviathan beached in our backyard and starting to rot. Should we expect anything else? Would any normal person go into a profession where you spend millions and millions of dollars to make the other person going for the same job look like a criminal?

This brings me to my second point. I’ve been on countless job interviews and not once did it cross my mind to sabotage the other people going for the position. I just figured that person had different skills or experience or maybe at least was a relative. Can you imagine if every career treated potential employees this way? Teachers, pilots, janitors all vying and undermining their colleagues slash opponents while having a smile a used car salesman would envy. What kind of person are we hiring? We are producing an industry of small-minded narcissists with deep pockets to run this great country of ours into the ground, leaving little for our children.

Well, I guess you can tell by my tone that I am not only annoyed but over fifty with too much time on my hands. So it’s back to the drawing board. Next week I promise to get back to a lighter fare. Please leave your comments. I loved to hear how wrong or right you think I am.

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