Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Big Move

After growing up on Long Island and spending the past (Let's just call it some time shall we? No reason to start off depressed.) years there, we finally made the Big Move and headed out to Colorado. It wasn't easy for me leaving friends and loved ones behind. And there were some concerns by many like "Where are you going to get a good slice of pizza?" and "What if you get lost?" You do realize it's a state right? Can you image if Columbus had to go through that? Hey Chris suppose your sail gets a hole, then what? Sounds like death before you get out of the harbor. I know they all meant well, but it didn't exactly fill me with confidence. Maybe they know me better than I do myself and realized how ill-equipped I am for anything that doesn't require a trip to a strip mall?

After packing, giving away, throwing out, or selling every last item we accumulated over time we headed out. Go West Old Man! It's too crowded here now. One less Nissan on the LIE. One more seat at the Multiplex for my 3D adventure. To give you some idea of what those last weeks were all about, here is my weekly agenda compared to one at a more sedate time.

When you look back at oral surgery as simpler times you know you're in trouble.


  1. Hey, kiddo, you're a New Yorker -- you'll be just fine wherever you're planted.:-) As for that Nissan, rest assured it is STILL on the L.I.E.!